Relevant Experience

JDM Consulting

Senior Mobile Developer
November 2018 – Current

At JDM, I worked on our TC Client, an android application for delivering MQTT messages from a broker to multiple applications, and allowing those applications to talk to the broker securely.

I also worked on the IoT Workbench, primarily porting it from a Windows only application to a dockerized application that could be deployed for customers.

The IoT Workbench docker container application includes the only IoT design tool on the market which incorporates software architecture design patterns, dynamic sequence diagrams, visual protobuf data modelling, end-to-end cyber security, simulation, and comprehensive auto generated documentation. The IoT Workbench is a fusion of Enterprise Integration Patterns, PlantUML, Protocol Buffers, OpenSSL, Mosquitto and Paho MQTT, Java SpringBoot, and more. The tool can be utilized to significantly reduce the time to deliver a secure and efficient end-to-end IoT solution.


Senior Mobile Engineer
Mobile Development Team Lead
February 2017 – November 2018

I designed and developed MFGX, a cross platform mobile application which talked to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and the MFGX.io MES systems.

MFGX was developed using React Native, the latest Javascript features, and consultant mindset (features added based on what was able to be sold to customers).

The application has hundreds of active users every shift in multiple factories, and it supports the entire MES process, from receiving of raw materials, through the production of finished goods, and shipping. It helps companies keep track of traceable materials and handle recalls.

RFID Integration – MFGX supports multiple RFID readers, from companies such as ThingMagic and Conker. RFID tags can be used to track production, as well as manage inventory locations within a manufacturing facility. RFID antennas were mounted on forklifts, and inventory locations in the MES system would be automatically updated as it was moved from location to location.


Software Engineer
January 2013 – February 2017

I helped design, develop, and maintain a multi-tenant SaaS/Cloud ERP software system with an Agile development methodology.  Technologies used included C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript (Knockout and JQuery), T-SQL (Stored Procedures and Scripts), and VBScript.

At Plex I have worked on the production team, tooling team, maintenance team, accounts receivable team, human resources team, the volunteer after-40 mobile development team, and most recently the platform team.

Some of my major projects include:

Mobile Document Control – A cross platform mobile application to manage and view corporate documents.

Automated Clearing House XML Generation Framework – A framework which could generate SEPA Credit/Debit compliant XML, as well as other formats when given the XSD file.

Advanced Scheduling System – A reusable and extensible framework for creating schedules within our software (similar to Microsoft Outlook schedules).

F5/Plex User Experience (Preventive Maintenance) – I lead a remote team in Belarus through the rewriting of the Preventive Maintenance modules of Plex from a mixture of VBScript and ASP.NET applications to a new ASP.NET MVC based platform.  This includes fixing bugs in their conversions or the framework that were discovered, reviewing and testing their conversions to ensure no functionality was lost, and performing conversions myself.  My modules were converted to the new framework ahead of schedule, despite the majority of the project being behind schedule.

Workday Integration – I built the Accounting portion of a packaged Workday integration, which allowed companies to run Workday and Plex side by side, and keep data in sync.


C# Development Intern
March 2012 – December 2012

At Fiserv I worked under Eric Klaban. I led a team in building a Coded UI test suite for a variety of ASP.NET and C# Windows Forms applications.

I was also responsible for finding any bugs that were discovered by our tests.

Additionally, I took over a project to develop the C# portion of both the document manager and forms refresh for their Galaxy r7 credit union software.


Oakland University

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
3.55 GPA

In college I excelled both in the practical and the theoretical. My Algorithms and Theory of Computation classes gave me a great love for the theoretical portion of computer science. I have taken a personal interest in functional programming, mainly in Scala and Swift.

Letters of Recommendation:
Fatma Mili
Daniel Steffy

Professional Experience

  • Javascript

    5+ Years

  • React Native

    2+ Years

  • NodeJS

    2+ Years

  • Docker

    1+ Years

  • C# / ASP.NET

    5+ Years

  • T-SQL

    4+ Years

  • JQuery Mobile

    2+ Years

  • Knockout JS

    1+ Years

Personal Experience

  • Ruby on Rails

    1+ Years

  • Swift / iOS Development

    2+ Years

  • Scala / Play Framework

    1 Year